Weather-Ready Nation
Scout Event

January 9, 2022
12:30pm to 4:30pm Central Time
Virtual Event

This year's Weather-Ready Nation Scout Event is sponsored by Ball Aerospace, a Weather-Enterprise company specializing in developing weather satellite systems. Click here to learn more about Ball Aerospace.

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Attention Scouts and Parents!! Do you just love the weather? Catch yourself staring at radar loops or watching lightning light up the sky? Join the "Weather Band" enthusiast club and connect directly with weather, water, and climate experts. Learn more at:

2017 AMS in Seattle Recap

Video Courtesy of WeatherNation

Above: Photos from 2016 WeatherReady Nation Scout Event in New Orleans. 
Building a Weather-Ready Nation (WRN)

Earn your Weather-Ready Nation Patch! Building a Weather-Ready Nation starts with YOU!   Being prepared and being a leader within your home or community for the next extreme weather event, may just save your life and those you love!

Have your troop leader (or adult sponsor) register all the scouts from your troop who want to participate via the following sign up pages:


The American Meteorological Society (AMS) is offering this *FREE* event to Girl Scouts and Scouts BSA, ages 11 and up. This is an opportunity to earn the "Weather-Ready Nation" patch (as pictured above). Click here to learn more about the American Meteorological Society.


The program will teach participants more about meteorology as well as give them an understanding of the weather phenomena that affects their local area and the knowledge to prepare for weather-related emergencies.

The Weather-Ready Nation patch requirements are designed so Scouts BSA are able to earn the Weather Merit Badge in its entirety, as well as complete a couple of the Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge requirements.

Girl Scouts will be able to apply the concepts learned that day towards various STEM related patches. Senior Girl Scouts will also learn concepts that can be used towards the "Sky" Patch.

In previous years, this was a face-to-face event where scouts interacted in person with professional members of the American Meteorological Society.






Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this event will be held virtually, but the format will be similar in spirit! 


At least two (2) National Weather Service forecasters, Emergency Managers, or other AMS professionals with meteorological/emergency management experience will lead virtual "meetings". Each of these "meetings" will consist of  of up to 20 scouts per meeting and help them work through the 2022 Weather-Ready Nation Scout Event Workbook. 

Scouts will discuss weather and climate science, disaster preparedness and safety, and emergency management with these professionals -- a rare opportunity for any scout interested in learning more about the world of meteorology! 







Set Up For the Event: Download the Workbook


This year, the Weather-Ready Nation Scout Event Workbook will be available for download before the event -- please click the down arrow icon in the image below to download your copy. 



In order to fill it out in real-time, the Workbook requires the use of a free program called Acrobat Reader (


Under the 'Fill & Sign' menu, use the' Add text' and 'Add a circle' tools to type or circle your answers. For drawing arrows, the 'Use drawing tool' under the 'Comments' menu is available. A quick user's guide is available below.

WRN Scout Event
Schedule of Activities


Sunday, January 9, 2022 12:30pm - 4:30pm Local Time


Virtual Event 2022, specific log in information will be sent via email



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